I found a cool way to digitize art into 3D. (Wanna know how? Hit me up in the comments).

So, I started mucking about with it using jpg downloads of artwork to see how it looked. One thing led to another, and I decided to use it for a visual backdrop for the “Eurydice” Album that I released, and it worked very well.

I love the medium of video for musical expression, and this led me to discover a lot about art of the 1890s too. It seems that 1890 was a great year for painting nymphs and satyrs, I have no idea why. A lot of the work in these video pieces comes from that era, but it gets more modern by the end.

The album itself is in five parts, though I only set the artwork to video for four of those and it felt done. If you like the music and want the stream, it’s available on a bunch of channels so click here to find the music stream you prefer to use.

I recommend you also subscribe to my Music Channel if you want to see any other videos, there are a few on there.

This is a great album to chill out to. Enjoy!