I love writing. I find it is easier than making music. I love making music, but I can never finish songs with quite the same satisfaction that writing a book gives me. What makes me or you a writer can be answered in one word – writing.

I have a lot of books that are on the computer, un-edited but written up and that need to be tidied up before they can be published. It’s a long job. It takes three or four passes just to make them readable, and so it’s going to take a few years to get them all finalised and out there.

I have been writing incessantly since I was a teenager but back then it was always poems. I only started writing prose in my thirties (I am currently in my fifties). Some of my poetry became lyrics for my songs. Up until I was about thirty I wrote prolifically, and I wrote every day without fail. Charles Bukowski called it “a form of madness” and I agree, back then I had to write to stay sane, to get it out of me, today I do not. I think I finally exorcised whatever was in me, but that took over two decades. Now I write for the joy of it, and not because of the madness.

My time writing poetry was before the advent of personal computers, so I now have tonnes of poetry handwritten into notepads and amazingly most of it has survived my globe-trotting where nothing else has. All my poetry now lives in a big, black box that has followed me around the world. I am working on getting them into a printed form so I can get rid of that goddamn box, but I doubt I will ever finish the task. Maybe I should just burn the thing, or maybe a kind minion will show up and write them all up for me. There are many years of work packed inside it.

I used the above photo of the god damn box! for the cover of my first poetry publication: “Leaving Town: Chasing dreams that run away like cats down alleys after midnight”

My writing today & a travel book just published

I don’t write poetry anymore, I am more focused on the prose and getting my books published. When I travel, which I do a lot, then I can easily write a new book within 3 months. I love writing on the road, it is just constantly inspiring, and I have no problems filling each new chapter. But I have a large backlog of books that I want to get published (10 at least), so I try to stay focused working on those for the rest of the time when not travelling. I still like to work on music production from time to time, and especially when I need a break from the writing chores.

I have just published (Dec 2019) my first travel journal. I originally wrote it in 2004, while on a trip from London armed only with a tent and guitar, as I busked and tramped down the west coast of Spain.

“The Road to El Palmar: A Traveller on the West Coast of Spain”

x2 books coming in early 2020

I have two other books completed, the first is a travel journal written in 2006 on a trip to Morocco. Again it was only a short trip, but it was certainly a wild one. I camped in the desert in a hammock when a wild cat checked me out, and then with the Toureg in the Sahara where I nearly got lost in the dunes. After that I ended up night-clubbing with a local Muslim guy who liked alcohol more than I did, and there was an incident with a lady which I should have seen coming. As my solo trips often seemed to, it all ended up in unexpected comedy-drama. I haven’t decided on the name for the book yet, but it’s on it’s final draft checks and should be out in early Jan 2020.

I have also completed an autobiographical book called “Death, Madness, & The Inconsolable Sorrow” which is currently being proof-read. It’s a heavy work, as you can tell from the name, and large (300K words reduced to 140K so far). I wrote it during a trip to England and Wales in 2018. There was a lot of stuff about death I needed to deal with, and that book covered it. It actually isn’t as morbid as it might sound but is hopefully insightful and thought-provoking.

Anyway, this was my first post to this new blog. I will expand on other things as I go. Thanks for taking the time to read it!